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Foreign Rights

We are pleased to offer cooperation to agencies and foreign publishing houses.

Nowadays publishing market is often subject to sufficient changes. But as always it all starts with the author. Ripol classic Publishing Group has been actively promoting talented foreign authors for 30 years.

Today we have more than 200 foreign and Russian authors being published in our publishing house. Among them are such notable authors like Jeffrey Eugenides, Elizabeth Gilbert, John Green, Herbjørg Wassmo, Robert Irvin, Jean Baudrillard and standing next to them are new authors making their first steps on our market.

As well as fiction literature, we intensely develop such directions as popular scientific literature, biographies, self-development, musical biographies, children’s and YA literature. We work with many talented Russian authors and artists who might be interesting outside of Russia as well. We are pleased to offer their works for translation and publication in other languages.

If you want to contact our foreign rights department please send your e-mails to: fr@ripol.ru