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About company (eng)
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About Company

IMG_0835RIPOL classic Publishing Group – is one of the leaders of the Russian book market with more than 2000 books published each year.

Our task is not just to make a product, but to gift the readers bright feelings and emotions from each book which was carefully selected. Your attention to what we do inspires many editors, proofreaders and illustrators to create unique book projects.

We publish philosophical and educational literature, classical and modern prose, books on art and music, biographies and graphic novels, books for children of any age with illustrations of famous artists.

We work with authors who define the nowadays intellectual agenda. These are writers with a world name and popular Russian authors among whom are Jeffrey Eugenides, John Green, Patrick Ness, Elizabeth Gilbert, Federico Moccia, Eckhart to Tola, Herbjørg Wassmo, Robert Irvin, Jean Baudrillard, Peter Akroyd, Slavoj Žižek, Alain Badiou, Victor Erofeyev, Mihail Epstein, Sergey Samsonov, Gleb Smirnov, Aleksandra Barkova and many others.

RIPOL сlassic works with both fiction and non-fiction literature. There are also several imprints of the publishing house – Pangloss, Palmyra and Ripol Kit.

Our key series are: «Lections PRO», «Philosophy Figures», «Metamorphoses», «In search of the Lost Time», «Discography», «Real Criminals», «Abroad without Lies», «Bag of Miracles» and many others.


RIPOL сlassic is a part of a publishing and polygraphic holding T8 which includes T8 printing house, e-books platform, print on demand, the Omega-L publishing house which is releasing educational and legal literature, RUGRAM publishing house, Delibri publishing house, the book-selling companies «Terminal-Kniga», «BMM» and «Amadeos»

We really know everything about books.