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About company (eng)
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About Company


RIPOL classic Publishing house is one of the leaders of the Russian publishing market.
Results of its work are thousands of popular books, many of which have become bestsellers.
With help of our books some readers have found new friends or beloved ones, others have resolved their problems in a new way, and many people indeed have a good time while reading.
Today we face the future confidently and are proud of our successes. One of our great achievements is our readers. Their interest to our production inspires us to look for new ways and accomplish creative experiments distinguishing our books. During twelve years we, together with our readers, have discovered such authors as Natalia Stepanova, Bernard Werber, Yuri Geyko, Robert Green, Yuri Vyazemsky, Luciana Littizzetto, Leonard Cohen, Charles Aznavour and Misha Aznavour, Suad, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian and many others. We hope books of RIPOL classic continue to be your pleasant and reliable companions.


Sergey Makarenkov


About Ripol KiT (Imprint of RIPOL Classic Publishing Group)

Project «Ripol KiТ» has been started by Sergey Makarenkov (CEO in RIPOL Classic) and Sergey Tishkov (ex-Editorial Director of Children’s and Young Adult Books in RIPOL Classic) in the beginning of the 2009 as an imprint of Ripol classic Publishing Group.  «Ripol KiТ» («KiT» means abbreviation from the Russian words «picture and text») — is a quality label in children`s literature. In «Ripol KiТ»’s series there are new books of famous Russian authors, the best classic books for children and also translated books of the best authors and artists of children’s literature from all over the world.

During these three years «Ripol KiТ» has been awarded with top prizes in competitions «The Best Books of The Year», «The Image of The Book» and «The Best for Children». In 2012, the principal illustrator of the «Ripol KiТ»’s series Gennady Spirin was nominated for the Hans Christian Anderson Award.

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